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June 2020 System Updates

Every month we add new features and updates to the GreenRope system based on your feedback. 

Here is a list of all the updates and new features we added in June: 

Accessibility Updates:


New UI updates have expanded the inclusivity of our platform through a system-wide consolidation of colors and adjustments to meet WCAG standards for accessibility.

Emailer Updates: 

IMAP Made Easier

IMAP helps consolidate information by syncing your personal inbox with your GreenRope account. IMAP messages synchronized from multiple users are now combined into a single message to reduce the redundant display of messages.

Preview Personal Messages as PDFs:

When using the preview button in the email editor, you’ll be taken to a new browser tab that has been redesigned and now includes a PDF button that will generate a PDF of that email.


Library Updates: 

The new Cheat Sheet folder in your Media Library allows you to access and download all of our system feature cheat sheets. These files are continually updated and available to you within your Media Library. 

Ticket Updates: 

Ticket to Wiki

You can now add wiki articles to your ticket updates.


Less Updates, More Files

Tickets now support up to 3 images or files per update!

Make Sure Everyone’s in the Loop

When updating a ticket, the ticket management team can define a list of CC emails for the ticket updates.

Opportunity Updates: 

Currency Column

Under Contacts > Opportunities, when you hit ‘Export All’ to export your opportunities, you’ll see a new column for Currency located next to opportunity value.

New Opportunities Tab in Company Details Window 

When you click on a company profile under Contacts > Companies, you’ll see a new ‘+Opportunity’ tab if there is at least one contact in the company.

Multiple Currencies Supported!

Commerce has become more international than ever. We upgraded our ‘Opportunities’ feature so that if the opportunity is in a different currency than the account, it will display both values.

Contact Updates: 

Contact Details Can Link to Parent Contact’s Record

If an account has the "parent" contact field(s) defined, and the contact has an email address defined for a parent, the label is a link that will open the parent’s contact record.


Learning Management Updates

Embed Videos in Your LMS Course and Module Descriptions

We’ve added video embedding into course and module descriptions for our Learning Management System. 


Journeys Updates:

Expanded Decisions Functionality 

Decisions now support company and contact user fields.


Signup Forms Updates:

Signup Form Speed

Sign up form users will notice a noticeable increase in load speed when they click the ‘Who’ button.

Custom Objects Start

Website Signup Forms now have an editing option that allows you to determine how your custom objects are started, either in an Expanded or Compressed format (Website > Signup Forms > Edit > Options) 


Integration Updates:

New Zapier Action 

Zapier’s integrations with GreenRope can now be used to create an invoice.

Time Zone Updates:

When logging into an account with a different time zone, there is a "Remember" checkbox to remember the time zone you selected. In Account Settings > Settings > Regional, you can open this and reset your time zone.


Shared Access Updates:

We added two new shared access permissions, ‘Create Company’ and ‘Edit Company Info’ to go along with Contacts as separate permissions. Existing users are granted these access rights if they already had the ‘Contacts’ shared access permission.



Wiki Updates: 

Ranked Results

In the public wiki, search results are now displayed in a ranked hierarchy on the right side of the page.



Clear Button

The public wiki has a new ‘Clear’ button to blank out a search.


Public and private wiki searches with multiple terms now show a "strength of match" icon.


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