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GreenRope's Weekly Roundup

Happy Friday GreenRope users! We hope that you had an awesome week and have cool stuff planned this weekend for Mother's Day! ;Have you gotten your mother a present yet? If you haven't, don't forget!

Here are some of our favorite articles that we found throughout the week. Enjoy!


Why Every Small Business Should use Graphics in Marketing: 10x Success Rates

Get creative with the content that you post by adding pictures and graphics to them!

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Personalizing Ads can Boost Marketing for Small Businesses

Don't you love that special feeling of having something that is uniquely yours? Create that same feeling for your customers by creating unique ads that meet their tastes and needs.

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How to Reach Moms With Content Marketing (Just in Time for Mother's Day)

Mother's make nearly 85% of household purchasing decisions! Keep that in mind when creating new content marketing for your business!

Happy Mother's Day :)

View the entire article here.



10 Jedi Sales Hacks From 10 Social Sales Masters

Do you want to learn how to become a Jedi Master? Of sales that is! Read about this special group of people who have mastered the codes, tactics, and strategies of becomming successful in sales.

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3 Steps to Improve Individual Sales Numbers>

Enthusiasm, talk time, and sharpness are among the many skills you need to be good in sales. Michael Pedone explains in depth how to use these skills to become not just good, but outstanding in sales!

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How NOT to Talk About the Competition

Whenever you talk to a potential customer or client, it can be difficult not to mention whoever they are comparing you against. Just remember to bring the focus back to you and to highlight what makes your business better!

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5 Great Strategies for Growing Your Business

We're almost at the halfway mark of 2015, but its not too late to use these strategies to continue to grow your business! After all, running a business is all about continuous growth and development.

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8 Tips for Running a Successful eCommerce Business

More and more businesses are incorporating eCommerce into their business strategy as the demand for online shopping increases. If there is a way to incorporate eCommerce into your business, or if you are thinking about starting a new eCommerce business from scratch, look no further!

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How to Build a Team so Your Business can Grow

You can't survive in this world without the support of others, and your business surely won't be able to survive without support either! Not only will hiring team members grow your company, but you will also grow as a person!

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