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International Dog Day

Happy International Dog Day (and other pets too!)

In the world of work, where deadlines and productivity often take center stage, there's something magical about the simple presence of a four-legged friend that can instantly lift spirits and brighten even the most hectic day. As we gather today to celebrate International Dog Day, we are not only embracing the adorable canines and kitties who share our lives but also recognizing the incredible impact they have on our workplace.

At GreenRope, we've always known that our employees are our greatest assets, and their well-being is paramount to our success. In recent times, we've also come to understand the crucial role that our employees' pets play in their lives, offering companionship, comfort, and a healthy dose of stress relief. That's why, on this special occasion, we've decided to take a break from our usual routines and introduce you to some of the most cherished members of our team – our employees' beloved pets.

International Dog Day isn't just about celebrating our furry companions; it's a day to acknowledge the bond between humans and their amazing pets, a bond that transcends the boundaries of the workplace and extends into our personal lives. It's a day to recognize the love, loyalty, and unwavering support that our furry friends provide, day in and day out.

Get ready to pant and purr in delight as we shine a spotlight on the lovable dogs and cats that enrich our lives, both at work and at home.

Lars Helegson
Melissa Filich
Ryan Bahl
Kayla Stallings / Jensine Ramirz
Valentina Voloshyna
Jill Dimel
Kim Campbell

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