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Happy holidays from all of us at GreenRope!

2022 marked some big changes in the world around us, as the world became accustomed to the proverbial "new normal". Like you, we have had to adapt to changing economic conditions and a shifting geopolitical landscape. Through it all, we have remained steadfast in the support of our clients and building our platform to be stronger, better, and faster. And all the while, we have kept our pricing the same with the same simple model that our clients have enjoyed for years.

After last year's launch of our #GiveBackCRM initiative for free CRM to non-profits, we decided to create a new program designed for agencies, software companies, and entrepreneurs to white label our platform with no money down. By eliminating the barrier to entry, we opened the door to 11 new partners who have built more revenue in all kinds of different markets. We also built partnerships with data providers to give automated lead capture capability to our clients through their websites.

We stand in support of our team members, partners, and clients who have been affected by the conflict in Europe. We want to be a force for good, helping those in need and providing our technology to those who can use it to make the world safer and more prosperous. We appreciate each and every person in our circle and are here to help however we can. We hope you have a great holiday and look forward to more growth in the New Year!

Warm wishes,

Lars Helgeson
CEO, GreenRope


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