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New Updates & Features (May & June 2015)

As Summer is heating up, so is GreenRope’s feature set! We have a whole list of new upgrades and features that are sure to improve your business operations this season. This has been an exciting few months for us and we hope you are as excited as we are about everything we have going on.

As of May and June, here is a brief overview of what is going on in your GreenRope account…

Updates to Events:

  • Search attendees by name or company
  • Guests are now added to the group associated with the particular event
  • Print labels for your event straight from within the event manager
  • Guests are associated with the primary registrant’s CRM link
  • If you use, you can now specify a custom ‘Thank You’ URL after a payment is made
  • Enable social sharing (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) on public event registration pages

Website Manager:

  • You can now clean up your website pages with the new added ability to delete unwanted or unused pages
  • New landing page template (without navigation)

Call feature:

  • You can now save an MP3 file in your media library. Select and play the recording to leave a voicemail in the click to call functionality.
  • Huge improvements to the transcript accuracy of inbound call recording


  • Send emails or SMS immediately upon activation of a workflow
  • The workflows and chart of activations page has been updated


  • Browse the six new clean and responsive email templates in the email builder!


  • You can now track the type of browser your visitors are using
  • There are two new charts that shows the browser in a contact’s details


  1. New integration with keeps your lead and client list clean and free of those pesky bots and spammers. eHawk will scan your tickets, signup forms, and created accounts for all of this information.
  2. We now we have the ability to import contacts from Evernote into GreenRope, drop them into a group, which can then fire a workflow and/or drip campaign. 

A few cases for this new integration:

  • Scan business cards: Evernote’s premium version allows users to take a picture of a business card with the mobile app then create a note out of it. You can now pull that business card information into contact data in the CRM

General notes: If you make a note in Evernote, you can put contact data on a line like this:


Name: Oscar Saldana

Industry: Software

Notes: Oscar really is a great guy

When you import the contact data with Contacts > Import > Evernote, it will extract that contact data and add or update the contact.

That's all for now! If you have any suggestions or have any questions about any of our new features, please contact us. We are happy to help. 






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