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Evergreen Content: What it is and why you need it


By Tatiana Ceresa

So many of us struggle to balance our to-do lists and stick to our editorial calendars. While new and fresh content is crucial to your blogs success, so is evergreen content. What is evergreen content, you ask? Well, it is simply refers to content that will always be useful to your target audience whether you published it two weeks ago, today, and even if you publish it next year. It is always relevant and useful to your customers. Here is an example:

Evergreen content: Basics of marketing automation?

NOT evergreen content: What are the current trends in marketing automation?

Do you see the difference between these two pieces of content? People will always be searching for the basics of marketing automation because everyone starts somewhere. However, the ‘current trends’ in the latter example refer to a specific point in time. Thus, Google crawlers will recognize it and it will become outdated relatively quickly.

What are the benefits of evergreen content?

  • Reduces time spent creating new blog content
  • Write it once and useful for a long time (i.e. it’s sustainable)
  • Provides basic, informative content that provides your readers with a foundation for future content

Types of evergreen content:

  1. Basic information surrounding your industry
  2. Frequently asked questions (this will change periodically, but the majority of this content should stay the same)
  3. How-to’s (I don’t include tutorials in this because companies are becoming increasingly agile, thus services and products are constantly changing).
  4. Videos (obviously)
  5. Stock photos (including testimonials) 

dan testimonial                               Information graphic copy


You should be re-running your evergreen content periodically (especially the textual content) so they don’t get buried in your archives. Also, remember that this type of content is extremely useful to your new leads, so think about creating a category or section for ‘top posts’ or ‘understand the basics’ in your blog.

I suggest sitting down with your team to either create a list of potential evergreen content or pinpoint the evergreen content you already have. In such a fast-paced marketing world, it’s better to work smart. 

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