GreenRope’s Small Business CRM saves you money and establishes a scalable foundation for your business’ success.

Sustainable growth comes from a solid infrastructure. That infrastructure includes your team, your strategy, and of course your technology. Technology has made it possible for small businesses of any size to compete on a much larger scale, offering consumers endless opportunities to engage, convert, and become active advocates of your brand. Technology, if not implemented properly, can be costly in both time and labor, making it critical to get it right the first time.

Technology is costly. It can be even more costly if you stray down the wrong avenue for too long. This can lead to a very expensive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

To put it simply, TCO is the sum of all costs associated with your technology stack.

Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of CRM

Total cost of ownership is taking everything related to owning your software systems into account. This means the cost of the software, but also includes the time and money spent learn it, customize it for your business, and connect it to other software. Since CRM is the core of your business, this last part is very important.

In the past few years, this metric has skyrocketed due to costly CRM systems, expensive integrations with third-party platforms, and insufficient and inadequate training. With so many extensive costs involved, it becomes more difficult to identify true ROI (Return on Investment).

On average, GreenRope saves our users over 90% total cost of ownership. Why? Because we integrate all the tools you need, including small business CRM, marketing automation, and operational tools into one tightly packaged software. Are you ready to save and succeed with GreenRope?

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