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Welcome to your GreenRope Trial! We’re happy to have you. If you got to this page, that means you received our postcard in the mail! This is a perfect example of how you can build both online and offline marketing activities into your everyday workflows.

How can you implement this into your own strategy? Well, it’s easy! GreenRope is on Zapier, connecting the apps you use everyday. We’ve partnered with Postalytics to bring you powerful direct mail marketing complete with actionable insights and data. This is the future of marketing. Jump onboard.

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We’re so excited to work with you and watch your business grow. Below you’ll find some useful information about our support team, additional resources, Zapier, and a few must-reads on workflows.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Let’s do this!

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Our support team is available to your 24/7, rain or shine.

Live Chat - Open up a chat either on the website or right from within the system.
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Phone Support: (442) 333-7577

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Getting Started with GreenRope: Setting up your Account for Success
Setting up DKIM, SPF, & DKIM
Cheat Sheet: Drip Campaigns, Journeys, and Workflows

Watch all of our video tutorials for in-depth descriptions on how to setup and use each GreenRope feature!

About Total Cost of Ownership

Did you know that owning and investing in a CRM platform can come with hidden costs if you aren’t careful? That’s why we’re here, to let you know the importance of understanding the true total cost of ownership when it comes to CRM and your technology stack. So what is total cost of ownership anyway? It takes into account every dollar spent to implement, train, integrate and maintain your different software systems. When you think about it like this - the total cost of ownership can be quite high. That’s why GreenRope is different. We are reinventing the way people do business. We give you all the tools you need in one system. No need for complex integrations or a lengthy implementation process. We get you onboarded, provide you with free support. Not to mention, you get unlimited users! No more paying for each person in your organization to access the platform. CRM and marketing automation for all!

Click here to learn more about Total Cost of Ownership.

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