GreenRope Platform Technology, Security, & API

GreenRope gives you the security and the flexibility to control and use your data how you need it to work for your company.

Unlimited Users & Shared Access

With GreenRope, you have unlimited seats, so you can get your entire team onboarded with CRM, marketing automation and customer service. Each team member will have a unique username and password, so they can easily login and access the parts of the system that are important for their job function.

Click here to learn how to setup each user in GreenRope.

User Permissions

Once you have setup each user in GreenRope, you can edit their access and permissions to ensure they only have access to the parts of the system they need. GreenRope offers granular permissions, so that you know your data remains secure and accessible to only those that need it.

Restrict access to contacts, groups, and other important functionality for complete control of the important information within your account.

User permissions are available across the entire system.

Data Security & Backups FAQ

Does GreenRope have a formal security program, and if so, what is it?

We have a well-defined process based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Our Ops Team defines the policies which drive the implementation of technological and inter-personal security protocols. This starts at the top, with weekly meetings with management and development teams, as well as periodic security education presentations for all staff.

Our physical security is managed by our data center provider, who utilize ITIL v3 service architecture and pass periodic SSAE 18, Type 2, SOC 1, 2, and 3 audits.

Our network security is handled by firewalls, IPSec VPN tunnels between data centers, with VPN access required to enter the network. All VPN credentials are individually created for users based on access needs.

What security controls do we use?

Our master access database uses hashed emails and passwords. If our master access database was stolen, it would be impossible to reconstruct any viable access tokens.

The Application does not allow anyone to export data without going through an approval process.

Data backups are stored on local and remote systems. Only the Ops Team has access to these servers.

What kind of monitoring does GreenRope use on your systems?

We use two different monitoring systems, Nagios and Zabbix. Both operate within our network, but we use Zabbix Proxy to send all monitoring data to a host outside of any of our networks.

Our monitoring also checks a number of static and dynamic pages within our application to uptime and response times, and we use a 3rd-party monitoring system to double-check some of these pages, as well as the external monitoring server itself.

The Application notifies the Ops and Dev Teams every time a 404 or 500 is triggered on the Web Servers, or if any other anomalous situations arise (automated or batch job failure, etc).

We also have a variety of custom monitoring and reporting tools that identify issues with sending emails, transfer of data between data centers, etc.

Our Delivery Team monitors IP reputation and a variety of email blacklists to make sure our sending servers are as clean as possible.

What about backups?

We backup databases daily, and retain daily backups for a week, after which we store weekly backups for 3 months, monthly backups for 6 months, and an annual backup for 2 years.

Media Library assets (HTML files, images, PDF files) are stored on a distributed file system, with replication to a remote site every few minutes, and then nightly backups that live for 1 week on another server.

Segmented Databases & Export Controls

The way GreenRope is setup through Groups makes it easy for your organization to segment your contacts for optimal security, access restrictions, and more. Within every group, you can decide which contacts have access to that group and the features they are allowed to utilize within that group. Watch shared access tutorial.

The same permissions and security measures are applied to exporting data and contacts. We take advanced measures to ensure that any export is approved and authorized by the correct contact within the organization so you don’t have to worry about any missing data whether on accident or by another team member.

GreenRope also comes with data cleaning tools that you can use to effectively organize and clean your database. Keeping you database clean is a critical task for any organization. GreenRope makes it easy.

GreenRope’s API

With GreenRope’s API, you are only limited by your imagination. Our API gives you the flexibility to customize your layouts, build custom development tools and manipulate your data. As a developer using the GreenRope platform, you can significantly extend and customize the functionality of your CRM to meet the goals of your organization.

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