GreenRope’s Platform API

GreenRope provides access to your organization’s information allowing you to create custom integrations using secure, simple and powerful application programming interfaces.

The Basics:

GreenRope’s API is a REST-like API based on XML and JSON

Our API access is included with all paid accounts.


GreenRope’s API provides access to the following features, but it not limited to the list below.


  • Create a group
  • List groups in account (with optional search)
  • Delete groups
  • Add user-defined field (for group)
  • Edit user-defined field
  • Delete user-defined-field


  • Add contacts
  • Edit contacts
  • List contacts in account or group (with optional search)
  • Delete contacts
  • List a contact's groups
  • Add contacts to a group
  • Remove contacts from a group


  • Upload a media file


  • List upcoming events
  • Update attendance statuses
  • Add New Event
  • Modify Existing Event


  • Build and Send Email to a specific group ID
  • Get broadcasts
  • Get send, read, and click data for a broadcast

Notes and Reading Material XML Parsing

API Examples:

Here are two examples of commonly used API call in GreenRope:

Example 1: Adding a Contact to a Specific Group







     <Company>Acme Widgets, LLC</Company>

     <Address1>101 First Street</Address1>

     <Address2>Suite 234</Address2>












       <UserDefinedField fieldname="Favorite Animal">Dog</UserDefinedField>

       <UserDefinedField fieldname="Fruits">Apple</UserDefinedField>





Example 2: Pausing a Customer Journey

<PauseJourneyRequest journey_id="1">





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