Welcome to your completely customizable CRM

We understand that each business is unique with different data collection needs. GreenRope offers unlimited custom user-defined data fields to help you obtain and manage all the data you want about your leads and customers. Your custom fields can be used to help you close more deals and retain a more loyal client base. Fill your CRM with important data, run reports on that data, and use the information to establish longer-lasting relationships.

Use custom data to close more deals

In many ways, user-defined data fields are a catalyst behind the GreenRope platform, sparking automation and generating useful reports for your team based on data fields that your team defines. As a salesperson, these custom fields will become one of your greatest tools for collecting and accessing crucial data on your leads. This gives you the freedom to customize your data exactly the way that makes sense for your sales process.

Custom CRM Data Fields

You can set your data field so that:

  • One value can be entered
  • Multiple values can be entered
  • Short or long text boxes, giving contacts the freedom to provide detailed information
  • Dates and trend data, making tracking information over time - such as dollars in savings or revenues generated by your clients

As your company grows with GreenRope, these fields will become deeply embedded in your account, doing everything from triggering workflows to filtering and segmenting contacts for targeted and personalized campaigns.

Filter custom fields to add personalization and segmentation to get your messages in front of the right people at the right time

Not only are custom user fields important for triggering actions throughout GreenRope, but they offer advanced contact filtering. Filtering your contacts based on a product a customer has shown interest in or perhaps based on their geographical location are all possibilities with user-defined data fields.

CRM Data Filtering

With these filters in place, you can run reports and target certain leads in your funnels with emails created by your marketing department. Lead nurturing is crucial to converting, so filtering contacts to send personalized marketing messages makes the difference between them converting into a client or not. Your team will enjoy the increase in conversions, while your clients finally receive relevant information about your awesome products and services.

Using your CRM as the complete repository of your client data will only help your team in the long run, and GreenRope’s platform is the perfect platform to set your business up for success!