Easy & effective ways to test your campaigns

GreenRope’s Campaign Optimizer is the easiest way to test up to 5 different emails at the same time. Test subject lines, content, and more. Select your test emails, specify the percentage of contacts that receive your test, and then determine the timeframe to test before sending the highest performing email to the remaining contacts.

Split Testing

Automatically send your highest performing email

Campaign Optimizer

Once your test has been completed, GreenRope automatically sends your highest performing email campaign to the rest of your contacts. This intelligent technology takes the guesswork and manual work out of campaign optimization, resulting in increased conversions and engagement.

Improve your marketing messaging & results

GreenRope’s Campaign Optimizer allows you to easily measure your marketing efforts and can improve your messaging and outreach efforts. The ability to see how contacts engage with different types of campaigns gives you in-depth insight into your audience and the most effective way to communicate with them.