GreenRope & Salesforce:
Connecting the two apps you use everyday

If you are using Salesforce & GreenRope simultaneously, we offer an easy and cost effective way to connect the two platforms. As a Salesforce user, you are probably using GreenRope as your complete marketing automation solution. Awesome! Using Zapier to connect these two apps keeps things simple and streamlined.

As a powerful CRM and marketing automation platform, GreenRope can trigger and execute automated actions based on your actions in Salesforce.

Connecting Salesforce to GreenRope

Example of GreenRope/Salesforce Zaps:

  • Add new contacts & opportunities
  • Trigger customer journeys
  • Activate workflows
  • Queue direct mail automation
  • Create new support tickets
  • Much more!

Plus, once you transfer data to GreenRope, that data is securely stored and easily accessible for all of your marketing efforts.

GreenRope also comes with a full set of features, including campaign optimization, social media integration, a website and landing page builder, an LMS and a whole lot more. The possibilities are endless when you connect Salesforce to GreenRope.

Still looking for a Complete CRM? GreenRope include a robust CRM complete with opportunity and pipeline management, custom objects, workflow management and much more. Learn more about our CRM here or request a live demo.