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GreenRope's marketing resources

GreenRope Mission Statement

To deliver sustainable prosperity and productivity, strengthening relationships through the most complete sales, marketing and operations platform, backed by the best service and support in the business.

The GreenRope Vision

GreenRopeĀ® will be the pre-eminent reliable partner in growth for successful organizations worldwide.

GreenRope Logos

The logos below are in PDF and EPS format (vector graphics) for the best compatibility. The logo can be placed into your artwork and scaled to the appropriate size. Be sure to constrain proportions when scaling! The logos are not to be altered in any way.

GreenRope Logo Download

Grey/Green Logo (PDF)

Grey/Green Logo (EPS)

GreenRope Logo Download (green and white version)

Green/White Logo (PDF)

Green/White Logo (EPS)

White Logo (PDF)

White Logo (EPS)

GreenRope Tagline

"Take command. Create demand."

Typically centered under our logo using the font "Avenir - Book". Example:

example showing logo above centered tagline

GreenRope Home Page QR Code

GreenRope Homepage QR Code image

GreenRope Brochure

For a PDF version of our latest brochure, simply click here to download.

The Truth About CRM and Marketing Automation

For a PDF version of this document, simply click here to download.

Who is GreenRope Brochure

To review the PDF "Who is GreenRope", simply click here to preview.

GreenRope Website Colors

The colors below are listed in both CMYK (for print) and HEX (for web).

Color: HEX: CMYK:
Grey #48454A 67% C, 63% M, 55% Y, 40% K
White #FFFFFF 0% C, 0% Y, 0% M, 0% K
Green #80C346 55% C, 0% M, 96% Y, 0% K
Action #f44336 0% C, 89% M, 84% Y, 0% K
Secondary #5e94ff 60% C, 40% M, 0% Y, 0% K

GreenRope User-Interface Colors
(NEW Branding)

#404e60 / Dark Gray
#bac4d0 / Medium Gray
#f8f9fb / Light Gray
#0082fc / Electric Blue
#16b370 / Green Primary
#ffa101 / Yellow Primary
#bd0008 / Primary Red