Learning Management System

LMS + CRM = management dream

GreenRope's Learning Management System (LMS) puts the power of education and tracking learning progress in your hands. You can create courses, invite people to take those courses, track their progress, and trigger marketing automation when those courses are completed.

Perfect for your training and HR teams, the LMS lets you create as many custom courses as you want. Each course is broken into modules, which can have as many chapters as you like. At the conclusion of a module, you can then test the students to make sure they have mastery of the subject. You can also allow a proctor to verify that the student meets other requirements aside from just the test.

Every student's progress is tracked and automatically added to the contact's CRM feed. You can also trigger workflows when a module is completed. This makes it easy for you to identify contacts who have met certain requirements. If you want to send emails, print certificates, text messages, and more upon completion, you can do it automatically.

GreenRopes Learning Management System

Focused on ease of use

Ease of use for GreenRopes Learning Management System

The GreenRope LMS uses GreenRope's built-in Wiki and Survey tools to build your courses and modules. Everything can be organized into folders and course modules are built with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Specific applications


If you sell a product or a service that needs standardized training, the GreenRope LMS is a perfect solution for you. Make sure everyone has access to your materials, and confirm they are absorbing the material. If you are building a certification program, use the LMS to validate that your students have mastered your material. In fact, the GreenRope Certification Program is managed using our own LMS and has managed hundreds of students through learning modules.


If compliance is an important part of your business, the LMS-CRM integration gives you the ability to track when employees have received mandatory training. You never have to worry about whether someone is current on your required educational material.