Integrated landing pages to help you streamline your marketing efforts

GreenRope gives you the ability to create landing pages and microsites. Build landing pages for marketing campaigns, events, and more. Easily embed signup forms, event registrations, and booking calendars, and personalize the content of your landing page using data stored in your CRM.

GreenRope gives you the ability to choose a landing page template you can customize, or you can create a completely personalized landing page from scratch. Our easy-to-embed widgets allow you to add things like signup forms, surveys, registration forms, calendars, weather, and more.

Drag-and-drop your way to a great landing pages

GreenRope’s drag-and-drop EasyBuilder is a great way to create landing pages without HTML knowledge. Add or remove sections, drag in your own photos, and customize your text.

Landing Page Builder

A/B testing is easy with GreenRope

Landing page builder

Easily set up A/B testing to test out multiple landing pages and find out which performs the best! No campaign is complete without proper testing. A/B testing lets you test different elements of your landing pages whether you are changing content, a headline, your form, or any other element on the page. Testing these elements gives you a clear view of which page results in higher conversions, so you can optimize every campaign for peak performance.

The benefits of integrated landing pages

Having all of your sales and marketing in one place gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors. When you integrate landing pages into your CRM and marketing automation, you streamline your lead generation process. First, easily track visitors to your website and landing pages, and have that engagement automatically logged in the CRM record. You can also use landing page visits to personalize customer journeys and send targeted emails and campaigns. Taking an integrated approach to your sales and marketing allows you to gain a better understanding of your customers, and use both behavioral and demographic data to create unique and compelling customer experiences.