Juvo Leads

24/7 Live Website Chat Service - Collect Leads While you Sleep!

Fully staffed live website chat service that turns your visitors into qualified leads. Juvo Leads sends qualified chat leads directly into your GreenRope dashboard.

Chat is the fastest growing conversion tool on the market and our chat agent answers chats around the clock for your business and all your clients.

Key Benefits of Juvo Leads (Chat Software + Human Chat Service)

Live Chat

  1. 24/7 Chat agent coverage - collect leads while you sleep
  2. Customized rules for every business
  3. Fastest response times on the market leads too…
  4. Up to 60% more qualified leads from your existing traffic
  5. Qualified leads are added automatically to your GreenRope Account
  6. Free 30-day no obligation trial

Review complete chat transcripts within your GreenRope dashboard so you can assign the lead to correct campaigns.

Why use a service to answer chats?

  1. Faster response times than internal teams
  2. Always on - 24/7 agents monitoring your visitors and saving leads
  3. Unique and custom scripts for every website
  4. Easily scales with traffic gains
  5. Not subject matter experts which means we convert technical questions into leads and follow up opportunities for your team.
  6. Never miss a chat again!

Juvo Leads Live Chat

Qualified Leads Based on Rules You Decide

Juvo Leads

  1. You set custom qualification rules
  2. We create custom scripts for your business
  3. Then send over these scripts for your review
  4. Once scripts are ready, we go live with Juvo Leads
  5. We provide constant feedback and suggested script changes so we get better over time and hone in on your best leads

How To Get Started With Your Free 30-Day No Obligation Trial

  1. Sign up here: https://juvoleads.com/signup/ and use promo code “GreenRope” to get an extended 30-Day Trial.
  2. You’ll get a confirmation email with the code to add to your website
  3. We’ll create chat scripts based on the information on your website and send over for review
  4. Once the chat scripts have been review Chat will be live for your free 30-day no obligation trial.