GreenRope vs Bitrix

Bitrix24 is a CRM platform that has various features in the areas of collaboration, project management, and general team management. While the platform does have some of the features that GreenRope has, it is lacking in many of the areas that make us stand out. Things that we feel are essential as they make life simpler for our clients, like having 24/7 support with real people, are not included. Other things, such as reporting, filtering, and SMS/MMS are limited. With GreenRope, you can always know what you are getting. Get started with the world’s only Complete CRM.

Feature GreenRope Bitrix
Startup cost $499 Not Available
Monthly Cost $399 $39/mo
One-on-one Training Included Included
Contacts Included 10k Unlimited
Emails included Unlimited Unlimited emails, but 1 email inbox per user
Users Unlimited 5
Branding Co-Branded or fully white labled Included
Built-in CRM Included Included
Sales Automation Included Include but not fully customizable
IMAP Syncing Included Not Available
Custom Analytics Included Included
Sales Reporting Included Included but reports are limited to 100,000 leads, deals, contacts, or companies
Booking Calendar Included Included
Inbound/Outbound Calling/Tracking Included Can deliver pre-recorded messages
Custom Notifications Included Not Available
Shopping cart abandonment Included Not Available
Drag & Drop template builder Included Not Available
WYSIWYG editor Included Not Available
Personalization & Dynamic Content Included Included
Customizable Responsive Templates Included Included
A/B Testing Included Not Available
SMS/MMS/Call Include SMS, but not MMS
Social Media Integration Included Included
Workflow Manager Unlimited Not Available
Triggers & Filters Include Only included for sales automation
Journey Mapping Included Included
Lead Scoring Included Not Available
Segmentation Included Included
Customizable Dynamic Landing pages Included Included
Advanced Signup Form Features Included Not Available
Custom Userfields Included Included
Custom CSS Included Not Available
Custom CTAs Included Not Available
Zoom Native Integration Included Not Available
Mobile Optimization Included Included
Blog SEO tools Included Not Available
Content Calendar Included Included
Wordpress Integration Included Not Available
Certification Included Not Available
24/7 Support Included Not Available
Dedicated Account Manager Included Not Available
Live Chat Included Not Available
Help knowledge base Included Included
Contact Research Included Not Available
Integrated AI Features * Included Included
Personalized AI Chatbot Included Included
Voice Recognition Connected to AI Included Not Available

* AI is used for helping users to personalize messaging, evaluate the most effective way to contact people and businesses, predict the behaviors and trends that will create more customers, and generate meaningful content. Our AI Dashboard Assistant and AI Relationship Summary deliver valuable insights that allow you to multitask while hearing important account details aloud. Voice recognition connected to AI allows you to navigate your account with simple voice commands. GreenRope’s AI Chatbot allows you to automate customer service through your website and SMS.