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Get More Out Of Your Data With The Evernote-GreenRope Integration

Evernote's notepad and business card scanning capabilities can now feed directly into your GreenRope account. Using this free integration, you will be able to match and sync notes from your Evernote account directly into a specific contact's detailed profile in GreenRope.

Connecting Evernote to GreenRope

Connecting Evernote to GreenRope

You can transfer data from Evernote into GreenRope automatically or manually. With Evernote's premium subscription, you will also be able to scan business card contact information and import it into a group in your CRM. Talk about easy! This tool is extremely useful for networking and keeping up with your in-person opportunities! Once a contact is added to the system, you can trigger any sort of automation you have set up for that particular group, such as workflows, drip campaigns, SMS messages, and sales follow ups.

There is a filter you can use to identify subsets of your notes (i.e. you only want to import contacts with the tag "CRM"). When scanning the business card, Evernote defines the fields and GreenRope parses the unstructured address data into GreenRope's structured fields.