Design, test, and send professional emails with GreenRope’s powerful email marketing solution

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to engage and convert your audience. Whether you are driving new leads down the funnel with lead nurturing drip campaigns or keeping your contacts in the know with monthly newsletters, promotions, and other engagement points, GreenRope’s email marketing feature is robust, customizable, and completely integrated into the rest of your sales and marketing efforts.

You can choose from one of our hundreds of templates or create and customize your own with the EasyBuilder, a drag-and-drop email design tool.

Create custom templates with our drag-and-drop email EasyBuilder

The EasyBuilder empowers you to create masterful designs for your emails using a quick and simple drag-and-drop builder. Editing and organizing your content into a design that fits within your company brand has never been easier. With the EasyBuilder, you’ll never need to worry about learning HTML or depending on developers to create your desired email templates and campaigns.

Email template EasyBuiler

Personalize your messages AND customer journeys with CRM and email marketing

Integrated CRM and email marketing means you can easily use data from your CRM to personalize your emails and create customized journeys for your leads and clients. Use demographic data, like location, title, revenue, and industry, as well as behavioral data, like email clicks, downloads, opportunity stage, and much more to segment your contacts and send them relevant and timely marketing and sales messages.

You can do this automatically by creating logic based actions and rules based on an endless number of data combinations. Having it all in one solution helps you create consistent messaging, seamless execution of your sales and marketing strategies, and increase contact engagement.

A few of GreenRope’s personalization and optimization tools:

  • Delivery filters allow you to customize the delivery of your emails to your target audience
  • Combine complex rules with nested rules, event attendance, A/B list splits, and more, to send messages precisely
  • Mail merge, so your message recipients get the exact message you intend for them
  • Use dynamic mail merge rules to build messages on the fly (for example, you can put a special article for people who live in a specific state without having to create a separate email for each state)
  • Campaign optimization tools help you send your highest performing campaigns to your selected contact list

Analyze and report your email marketing successes

GreenRope’s email marketing feature comes with a full suite of reporting tools. This means you can accurately track and analyze your email campaigns in realtime. See who is opening your emails, clicking on links, your bounce rate, sending history, list growth, engagement, and so much more. All of these metrics are available to you in the Email Tracking dashboard and in easily accessible reports. You can also configure your home Dashboard to include important email marketing metrics, so they are the first thing you see when logging into your account.

Email tracking data

Automate your email marketing

Automation actions in CRM

Automation is a big part of what makes GreenRope such a powerful tool. You can automate your emails, automatically optimize campaigns, personalize your content, segment your contact lists, and so much more. You can easily trigger actions when someone opens an email or clicks on a link. You can also send specific emails based on the recipient’s demographics or behaviors. All of this personalization and automation is available with GreenRope. You get one system for all of your sales, marketing, and operations.