Document creation & management

Safely send and store your documents on our all-inclusive platform. Keeping your data centralized and organized improves management and productivity.

Create customized proposals, contracts, and other documents directly within GreenRope. GreenRope’s document creator empowers you to use standard editing tools, along with special merge functions that automatically personalize information based on your contacts’ data. Create unlimited and unique templates, then save them for future editing and reuse. Our built-in documentation tools make it quick to close deals and easy to collaborate.

Digital Document Signing

Collect digital signatures & information

CRM Document Signing

Your customized documents can be sent directly from GreenRope to your contacts, and all documents stored in the contact record. Send automatic reminders, trigger workflows when documents have been signed, and more. You can securely and safely collect initials and electronic signatures. Signatures and approvals can be sent, received, and reviewed within minutes.

Legality & security

Documents shared and signed through GreenRope are legally binding in compliance with the United States Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act, and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA). Under these requirements, the involved parties must provide their intent to sign, and grant consent to use electronic documentation. The document must also have an associated and retainable record that presents the signature creation, generation, and execution. GreenRope meets and exceeds these requirements, in addition to providing IP address tracking to ensure security and legitimacy.