Easy-to-use tools to maintain a clean database

A clean and organized contact database is a functional contact database. Quality input equals quality output. This is why GreenRope has all of the tools necessary to help clean and keep your contact list perfectly organized and ready to be used for sales and marketing.

With GreenRope’s Contact Tools, you can:

  • Modify contacts in bulk
  • Assign tags
  • Remove unsubscribers
  • Merge/remove duplicates
  • Remove bounced contacts
  • Merge contact data with company data
  • Remove or move groups of people

GreenRope Contact Tool

You can also create labels, identify contacts on a map, and more. Using these tools will help with your segmentation strategy, as well as keep your email reputation squeaky clean.

Better sales & marketing with a clean contact list

When you have a clean contact list, you avoid making costly and embarrassing mistakes. Sales has up-to-date information on every interaction with that contact and marketing can accurately personalize and target their messaging.