Cancellation Policy

Here at GreenRope, we strive to keep our clients happy and are always open to working with you to solve any issues or concerns with your account.

First and foremost, reach out and ask for help! We have customer service staff available around the clock to assist you over the phone, web conference, live chat, email, or support ticket. We have a highly trained staff of professionals at your fingertips to help you solve even the most complex problems. When you're logged in to your GreenRope account, click the "Help" from the top navigation to access all of the resources you need.

If support is unable to help you resolve your issues, you can always reach out to your account manager or

Our cancellation policy is straightforward. For our month to month customers, we require a 30 day notice, starting on the day of the submission of a cancellation form from the actual account owner. This can be requested through support and will be provided to you by your account manager.

Your data belongs to you. Our privacy policy explains how we protect your data and can be accessed at 30 days should also provide you with ample time to export your data from the account. If you have questions or require assistance exporting your data please contact support.

Your account will remain cancelled/inactive within our portal for a period of 12 months. We do this so that you can reactivate your account, should you change your mind and want to use GreenRope again. This is a common occurrence and we are happy to help you restart your account. We know it's tempting to think the grass is greener, but most clients realize after they leave that GreenRope was the most powerful, flexible, and efficient software system they could find. For this reason, we make it easy to pick up where you left off. Please note, however, that after this 12 month period, the account is deleted and permanently removed from our database.

If you have a contract or are a prepay customer, please contact your account manager directly for assistance.

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