Strength through Complete CRM and Marketing Automation
Built on the strands of GreenRope®

A Complete CRM

Keep track of all interactions with every contact, including emails sent, social media interaction, events attended, and any notes you want to take.

email icon IMAP Inbox Email Integration
visa Keep Track of Payments
Sales Pipeline Sales Pipeline Management
Tracking Track website visitors
star Everything in your business is in one place.
star Simplify your life by bringing sales, marketing, and operations together in to a single platform.
star Gain insight into your entire organization while unifying your team.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a vital marketing tool for any business. When combining email marketing with CRM, you have a powerful sales and marketing tool.

email icon Automated shopping cart abandonment emails
visa Drip campaigns
Sales Pipeline Signup forms and auto-responders
Tracking Hundreds of templates, millions of color combinations
star Distribute your messages quickly and personally, while learning what your customers like and don't like.
star Connect to automation to keep your brand consistent and your communication streamlined.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation doesn't have to be a difficult process. Our automation tools are easily set up in your forms, websites, videos, and more. Marketing Automation allows you to set up processes that help you work more efficiently.

email icon Sales Alerts
visa Drip campaigns
Sales Pipeline Auto-Responders
Tracking Event Check-Ins
star Save time and send the right message to the right people.
star Trigger personalized messages and workflows automatically, making your communication effective and timely.

SMS Text Marketing
& Call Management

Reach out to your contacts no matter where they are. GreenRope allows you to become a mobile marketer within minutes.

email icon Send SMS text messages
visa Manage inbound SMS response campaigns
Sales Pipeline Click to call
Tracking Set up an inbound phone tree
Tracking Automatic synch with your CRM
star Connect your CRM to your phone in a simple management system.
star Engage with leads and clients instantly wherever they are.


There is no better way to improve a product or service than collecting direct feedback from your customers. Easily create online survey questions and email the link to your customers.

email icon Easy-to-use survey builder
visa Track results
Sales Pipeline Linked to CRM Activities
Tracking Easily re-order questions
Tracking No added fees
star Get feedback in realtime and take action on that feedback.
star Connect to your CRM and marketing for instant response.

Calendar & Event Management

Throwing an event brings awareness to your company, promotes goodwill and introduces you to potential new leads. Incorporating a CRM system into your event helps you and your sales team target and track leads that could turn into sales.

email icon Automated email reminders
visa Event placeholders in email marketing templates
Sales Pipeline Attendance tracking
Tracking Event check-in with automated "thank you" emails
Tracking Accept payments for event registration
Tracking Easily manage events from the dashboard
star Bring events in to your CRM with a complete registration and calendaring engine.
star Share schedules across groups and make sure everyone knows where to be and when.
star Connect with marketing automation to drive revenue.

Website Tracking

Did you know that with GreenRope you can see which of your contacts is viewing your website at any given time?

a/b A/B Comparisons
visa Track CRM Activities
Sales Pipeline Conversion tracking
Tracking Pipelines
Tracking Shopping cart and page abandonment
Tracking Follow members of your contact database as they visit your website
Tracking See what external sites that are driving traffic to your website.
star Keep tabs on who's visiting and why.
star Learn from your website visitors and track sales in realtime.
star See it all in realtime in your CRM so you know exactly what everyone is doing on your webpages.

eCommerce Made Easy!

Sell anything you want (well, anything legal) through your easy-to-configure website store.

visa Manage multiple online stores
visa Works with Paypal &
Sales Pipeline Invoicing
Tracking Fundraising
Tracking Accounting
Tracking Marketplace
Tracking Reports & goal setting
star Set up a store front in minutes.
star Automatically connect your store and purchases to your CRM, making communicating with existing and new clients a snap!


For over 13 years, GreenRope has been trusted by over 3,000 companies in over 15 different countries. Let us help you take command and create demand for your products or services.

Sales Pipeline 24/7 Support via Email, Chat or Ticket
visa Online Tips & Searchable Knowledge Base
Sales Pipeline Weekly Webinars
Sales Pipeline Monthly Newsletter
star Thousands of companies around the world rely on us every day to manage their sales, marketing, and automation.
star We take the safety and security of your data seriously, and protect it at all costs.

Ticketing System

Leveraging a ticket system, you can support your clients more efficiently. By integrating a ticket system with your CRM, none of your customer inquiries will fall through the cracks.

Sales Pipeline Manage Your Customer Support
visa Assign Tickets to Staff Members
Sales Pipeline Multiple-Users
Sales Pipeline Email Notifications
Sales Pipeline Easily reference and post articles from your private Wiki
star Nothing falls through the cracks with our case management system.
star Measure how well your support team is helping your leads and prospects, while driving new clients in to your funnel.

Website Builder

GreenRope’s Website Builder is the easiest and most cost effective way to build a website all from the convenience of one dashboard.

Sales Pipeline A complete CMS (content management system)
visa WYSIWYG page content editor
Sales Pipeline Use one of our templates (over 150) or build your own
Sales Pipeline Use for blogs, e-commerce, forums, membership, and more
Sales Pipeline Javascript Widgets and Tag Manager
Sales Pipeline Includes Storefront and Fundraising Engine
Sales Pipeline Website & Blog Personalization
star Easily and quickly build a website for any purpose - landing pages, microsites, even full websites like this one can all be managed from within your GreenRope account.

Predictive Analytics

Use GreenRope to predict who is likely to purchase a product or service from you!

Sales Pipeline See what demographics and activities correlate to someone buying from you
Sales Pipeline Integrated automatically in to your CRM
Sales Pipeline Target those contacts and send them drip campaigns
star The future is now - use GreenRope to see what drives people to purchase from you, and predict who will buy what from you before they do.
star Your sales team will love knowing who your best prospects are in realtime.

Live Chat

Communicate with your customers via live chat, directly from your website.

Sales Pipeline Keep a record of all conversations
Sales Pipeline Engage marketing automation tools and CRM workflows with people who can follow up
Sales Pipeline Incorporate chats in to lead scoring and predictive analytics
star Harness one of the most powerful lead generation tools available through our integration with Olark's live chat.
star Connect with the GreenRope CRM and marketing automation tools to keep engaging people who reach out to you.

Lead Scoring

Identify the leads and customers that have the greatest value to you with a single, powerful, fully customizable lead scoring system.

Sales Pipeline A simple interface to customize your contacts' key data fields and actions
Sales Pipeline Demographic and activity-driven data
Sales Pipeline Easily see who is ready for your next sale
star Combine demographic and activity data to get the complete picture of all your prospects.
star Focus your sales team on those best prospects, driving leads to conversion quickly and accurately.


Using our Wiki is the best way to share informational articles.

Sales Pipeline Easily set articles to be private or public
Sales Pipeline WYSIWYG editor
Sales Pipeline Built-in spreadsheet tool
star Keep a knowledge base for business continuity, easy reference, and collaboration.
star Never fear losing someone again, since your corporate knowledge will be easily accessible by everyone who needs it.

Social Media Integration

GreenRope allows you to pull in your social media activities into your CRM.

Sales Pipeline Facebook shares and likes
Sales Pipeline Twitter tweets and re-tweets
Sales Pipeline Linkedin activity
email icon Post your email marketing to your social networks and allow your readers to share your newsletter to all their social networks.
star Bring Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter directly in to your CRM to see how your leads and clients are interacting with you on social media.
star Reach out and measure your impact on your social media channels in realtime.


Already use another Email, CRM or Marketing tool? GreenRope integrates with a lot of different software tools.

Sales Pipeline Import from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, MSN, e-conomic and more
Sales Pipeline Sync with iCal, Google Calendar and more
Sales Pipeline Google Analytics for email tracking
email icon RSS Feeds with website builder
email icon IMAP email integration
email icon Salesforce import
email icon Quickbooks plugin
email icon Zimbra email integration
email icon Gmail Gadget for Google Chrome
email icon XML API
star With all of our technology partners, you know your life will be made simpler through easy connections to the software you already use.

Lead Capture Forms

Automatically capture and re-market to people who visit your website.

Sales Pipeline Customize the design and behavior of your form however you like
Sales Pipeline Ask for as much information as you want (unlimited data fields)
Sales Pipeline Build logic in to your forms
email icon Collect payments with your forms (perfect for accepting applications)
star Leverage your website to automatically collect information from leads
star Use the versatility of our forms to easily engage your clients

Project Management

GreenRope provides you with a hub where sales, support, operations and clients team up and stay coordinated.

Sales Pipeline Cross-Functional Teams
Sales Pipeline Assign Tasks
Sales Pipeline Track Deadlines
email icon Post Notes and Comments
email icon Track Hours
star Take the arduous task of tracking complicated projects to our project management tools.
star We make it easy to handle everything you need for budgeting, tracking progress, and reporting.
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"Since using GreenRope, V Corp has nearly doubled its year-to-date revenue with an increasing number of new prospects in the pipeline."

Scott Velazquez, President, V Corp Technologies, Inc.


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