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Switch to GreenRope, the #1 alternative to ActiveCampaign. Save over 90% in software costs with integrated CRM, marketing automation, customer service, and more - all in one, customizable platform.

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Complete CRM and Marketing Automation

Easily create amazing, personalized customer experiences with integrated CRM and marketing automation.

Attract new customers and ignite your sales pipeline with strategic sales and marketing efforts. Easily personalize your communication and target the right audience automatically, without having to connect multiple third-party platforms. Plus, get 24/7 support and access to training, implementation, and more.

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Complete CRM

Save over 90% in software costs
when you switch to an all-in-one, complete CRM.

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Complete Visibility

Never miss a beat with real time visibility into everything that's happening in your business. From follow ups to email clicks, website visits, conversions, customer service inquiries, and more - everything is available to you all in one place.

Complete Customer Experiences

Nurture your leads and customers with automated and personalized communication across all stages of the customer lifecycle.

The drag-and-drop journey mapping tool lets you completely customize each path your leads and customers take. Not to mention, automatically segment your contacts and send emails based on behavior and engagement insights powered by AI.

Complete Sales Tool

Convert leads and drive revenue

Track customer interactions automatically, schedule appointments, manage your calendar, and streamline your day with powerful sales tools. With GreenRope, nothing slips through the cracks and you are always prepared with the data you need. Plus, use our app for mobile CRM on the go.

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Complete Reporting

Gain insight into your pipeline and business with easy to read, visual, and downloadable reports. Track performance, analyze efforts, and measure success all in one place. No more importing and exporting from multiple sources, everything you need is already built into GreenRope.

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What you get with GreenRope

GreenRope gives you a 360-view of your business across all departments and touchpoints.
Save over 90% total cost of ownership when you invest in powerful, complete CRM.


GreenRope can be used by everyone in your organization from marketing to sales to customer service and even accounting. Plus, you get unlimited users at no additional cost.


Powerful sales tools to help you stay on top of your day and convert more leads to long-lasting customers. Your sales team is always equipped with the tools and data they need.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation that's easy to set up, test, and execute. Never miss an opportunity to provide the best customer experience with personalized communication.

Customer Service

Enjoy 24/7 customer service, plus access to our training, onboarding, and creative teams. We are here for you every step of the way.

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GreenRope vs ActiveCampaign

Feature GreenRope ActiveCampaign
Monthly Pricing
(10,000 Contacts)
$499 $349
Drag-drop marketing automation
Complete CRM
Activity Lead Scoring
Project Management
Knowledge Management
Event Management
Support Ticketing
Custom Objects
GreenRope CRM
GreenRope Mobile App
Mobile app included

Make managing and growing your business easier with GreenRope

Great software doesn’t have to be expensive. With GreenRope, you have all of the tools in one, single dashboard saving you money, increasing visibility, and making your life just a little bit simpler. When you have an all-in-one solution like GreenRope, you spend more time building your business and less time managing it.

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Every feature is included in our subscriptions! The only thing we charge for is the number of contacts you have. You get unlimited users and monthly emails.
We have full-time team members all around the world so our response times are quicker than you can chug your morning coffee!
Our team will show you our software in a very low-pressure screen sharing environment. We will show you how the platform can work for your needs.
Definitely Yes, we have developed our platform over the last 10 years because of people like you! We are constantly adding new features based on feedback.

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