The amount of data and business tools available can be overwhelming times. How to best use the right data to personalize & automate in ways that make a real impact is a challenge every company faces.

Join us this Thursday, May 20th, at 1 PM PT, as we host a special panelist discussion with TowerData's Data Specialist, Phil Davis, GreenRope CEO, Lars Helgeson, and GreenRope Marketing Director, Alessandra Gyben.

During this panel discussion, Lars, Alessandra, & Phil will cover:

  • What is personalization and why is it important?
  • How can you achieve personalization across the customer journey?
  • What are the current trends and future predictions?
  • Live Q&A and much more!

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Phil Davis CEO of Rapleaf (a division of TowerData)

Phil is a data-industry veteran, previously holding high-ranking positions at a number of well-known players, including CEO of Rapleaf (now a division of TowerData), President of ConsumerBase, and SVP/HD of the online division of Equifax. At TowerData, Phil helps clients identify better, more efficient ways to engage their prospects and customers.

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