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RightSignature integration with GreenRope

Online document signing made easy!

With GreenRope’s RightSignature integration for document signing, all teams in your company can send and receive signature documents with the ability to track the progress in the client's’ contact record. The process is quick and powerful, and leaves a strong impression on your clients.

Send your documents right from the CRM or add electronic signing to a workflow for a streamlined and automated communication process. When you add an e-signature to your workflow, you automate what once was a manual task, making it easier for you to stay organized and on track.

Keep a complete audit trail and quickly track when and where your documents are signed. Because this is automatic, you will always know the status of each of your documents. All RightSignature documents sent from GreenRope are completely secure and legally binding.

Quite possibly the best Christmas present in 2015! We began using the RightSignature integration, and I am beyond thrilled with this! This integration solves so many issues for my clients, and opens up a number of interesting possibilities. I have already written to two clients telling them their problems are solved!

- Jennifer Campbell Goddard, CEO