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GreenRope has been an incredibly effective CRM tool for Sustainable Surplus. This is such an all-encompassing program that has the capacity to grow with the organization. Its technical support staff is very responsive! We have new sign-ups almost every day and we definitely benefit from the ability to track our results of our online campaigns. By gauging website page visits, GreenRope helps us understand our visitor’s interests.

- Sue Prelozni, Founder

See the platform in action

Give your campaign the arsenal it derserves. GreenRope CRM has all of the tools to manage and create the next phases of your campaign. Whether you're reaching fundraiser goals through your website or setting up your next big event, GreenRope has you covered on your trial to success at a fraction of the price.

Set your campaign trail ablaze.

Quickly and elegantly invite your contacts to your campaign's most important fundraisers and events with GreenRope's event management tool. With the software's robust settings, setting up your next event will be tailored to your team's specific needs.

Managing your relationships with campaign contacts is crucial to the success of your operations. By maintaining these important relationships with GreenRope, your team will have all of our cutting edge features that our Complete CRM offers. Tracking customer engagement, marketing automation and phone integration are just a few features that your team can use to strengthen your campaign.

Your campaign's website is one of the first touch points that you will make with the public that connect them with your campaign. Many factor's such as mobile responsiveness, consistent design & feel, and effective placement of buttons such as fundraiser contributions, and more will all contribute to the success of your website. GreenRope's website builder makes achieving your perfect website simple, and as with almost all other features of the platform, data & tracking easily integrate so you can see which contacts are most interested in your campaign.


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