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Meet The Team Behind GreenRope

We are strategists, developers, marketers, technology gurus, and people who believe in helping you succeed. But, most of all, we are one unit, one team, and one family who works together to listen, create, and partner with inspiring businesses around the world. Meet our team.

Lars Helgeson,

GreenRope's CEO is an accomplished speaker and writer, and his passion is helping small businesses and nonprofits. In his spare time, Lars loves taking Little Buddy for long walks, surfing, snowboarding, and playing ice hockey. Learn more on his bio page.

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A letter from our Founder

Bjorn DeBoer,

Bjorn is the Chief Operating Officer and makes sure that everything gets done as well as keeping his associates and our clients happy. He enjoys his family, learning and creating, playing bass, cycling, fishing and Baja Mexico.

Lyle Hopkins,

Lyle is the Chief Technology Officer and oversees all development in the company. He is a dedicated student, spending much of his spare time studying- When he isn't studying, he's teaching kickboxing.

Malia Hagen,
Staff Accountant

Malia is one of those people who likes Math. Because unlike English and most other subjects, she says, Math never changes. She finds comfort in that because she's slightly obsessed with being right. When she's not staring down bank reconciliations for those last few pennies, she's at the beach with her family or in a coffee shop writing her blog.

Matt Stewart,
Sales Manager

Matt is one of our Sales Managers and helps introduce the GreenRope platform to potential incoming/excited new clients. He loves sports and is a big Seattle Seahawks fan. He also enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Austin Willms,
Sales Manager

Austin is one of the first people you will talk to at our company. He spends most Wednesdays slaving over the grill, cooking the team tri tip and other specialities - we're just lucky Wolfgang Puck let us have him.

Ryan Bahl,
Creative Director

Ryan's day-to-day operations include managing all creative aspects, website and UI/UX development. When he's not working Ryan is off playing hockey somewhere and trying not to lose any teeth.

Nick Bokaie,
Interaction Designer

Nick's ultimate goal is create a seamless and elegant user experience within the platform. When not working, you can usually find him working on his various project cars.

Alex Tarantino,
Marketing Manager

Alex manages PPC, SEO, and email marketing efforts for GreenRope, and relishes in working in a creative capacity. Weekends are spent gallivanting around the SF Bay Area with family and friends, and watching his Broncos beat the Chargers.

Alessandra Ceresa,
Content Specialist

Alessandra is GreenRope's content and social media guru. She spends all day tweeting to adoring GreenRope fans and writing captivating content.

Gena Disney,
Graphic Designer

Gena is passionate about breathing new life into brands. She brings to the table a clean, simple aesthetic. Out of the office, you'll find her on soccer fields around the country cheering on her kids.

Michael Witbooi,
SEO Strategist

A passionate SEO strategist hailing from Cape Town, Michael's goal is ensuring that clients receive the right traffic that will convert into paying customers. He believes in having a good laugh everyday and in his spare time you can find him at the gym or enjoying the ice.

Dan Kim,
Client Services Director

Dan is in charge of our amazing support team. Sundays are spent at Dan's house watching Chargers football.

Rachel Lawson,
Client Services Manager

Rachel is one of Greenrope’s dedicated Client Services Managers. When she isn’t supporting clients, she’s creating Greenrope’s video tutorial guides, and assistings the Marketing team. During her free time, she enjoys getting lost appreciating music and the arts.

Rachel Max,
Client Services Manager

Rachel is a proud member of the Client Services team. She loves working with people so much that she is also pursuing her Master's Degree in Social Work at San Diego State University. In her free time, Rachel teaches yoga, cooks healthy, delicious food, and hangs with her pup, Gustav.

Shay Lucena,
Client Services Manager

From ensuring customer engagement, to providing marketing and promotional materials - Shay enjoys helping businesses get noticed. With hobbies such as fitness and music, Shay is determined to always creating experiences geared towards growth and positivity.

Madison Potter,
Client Services Manager

Madison is all about marketing and instantly fell in love with GreenRope’s culture, opportunities, and (of course) software. Her goal is to ensure that all of GreenRope's clients feel taken care of and are just as excited about GreenRope as she is.

Melissa Riba,
Director of Education

Melissa manages multiple projects for GreenRope including feature requests/updates, the Certification Program and training new accounts. Whether it's hiking, kayaking, watching sports (come on Chargers!), or playing cornhole - Melissa takes advantage of spending as much time with her family and friends as she can.

Oscar Saldana,
Education Manager

Oscar studied at University of California, San Diego and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science. As an avid sports fan, he supports the Los Angeles Lakers and the Green Bay Packers. He enjoys playing basketball, soccer, and video games in his free time.

John Warkentin,
Client Advocacy

The vocation goes by many names: Client Advocate, Client Success Manager etc., but beyond the label, John prioritizes client relations and their desired outcome. John can be found on the weekends exploring the shores and mountains of Southern California.

Jill Dimel,
ISP Relations Manager

ISP Relations Manager by day, soccer mom by night. Jill specializes in getting emails delivered to the inbox and kids delivered to the soccer fields!

Melissa Filich,
CoolerEmail Support

Melissa has been with CoolerEmail since 2005. In that time she has held different titles but client support has always been her priority, helping clients with all aspects of their accounts.

Tom Suchy,
Software Developer

Tom develops systems and automates tech operations at GreenRope. Music permeates Tom's work - his metrics set the tempo, his servers create the rhythm, his automation plays the chords that drive the melody of his code. When he's not doing development or operations, he's writing fiction or playing guitar and fretless bass.

Dan Watkins,
Software Developer

Dan develops software for GreenRope's products, both on the front end and back end. When he's not at a computer, he spends time with his family, coaches his son's baseball team, and plays guitar.

Todd Wade,
Software Developer

Todd started at GreenRope in January 2014 as part of the mobile and backend development teams. He has been building web apps for over 10 years. Perl programming is not only his career, but his hobby as well. He has attended 7 YAPC conferences to date and participates in the local and global perl communities. His other hobbies include visiting local dog parks with their family dog and attending family community events.

Little Buddy,
Human Resources