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Imagine having access to all of the information you need to help you understand who your hottest (and coldest) leads and customers are right when you open up your sales management software. Well, with GreenRope's Sales Suite, you can do just that. This is all made possible because every interaction - whether it be website visits, inquiries, or downloads, for instance, are all tracked and scored. With this information, not only can each interaction be tailor-made to the specific needs of each lead or client - redundant sales processes, such as follow-up reminders and emails can be automated based on activities and scores as well.

The Sales Suite enables you as a Sales Manager to have full access to your sales team's efforts - from forecasting, to quota management, and full sales reporting. The more information that you have about each contact, the more power you have to close each deal.

Below are some of the many features included in GreenRope's Sales Suite:





Lead Scoring

Affiliate Tracking


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