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This ebook takes a detailed look at the customer experience trends that will define 2020. It includes key terms, strategies, and examples of CX trends that are revolutionizing business processes at every touchpoint.

What will customer experience look like in the 2020s and beyond

A holistic approach to CX strategy across all touchpoints and channels

Removing harmful tech and communication silos from your business process

Using tech to scale your business to support a large customer base

How ethical considerations for CX legally changing business in 2020

Essential metrics for effective surveying

Full Chapter List

Here's the complete chapter list. Don't miss out on this awesome content.

The Next Phase In CX 01

Introduction 02

Leveraging Complete CRM to Create Dynamic Customer Interactions 03

Integrative and Mobile Accessible 04

Creating Quick Feedback Loops With Automated Circuits 05

Diversification of Customer Service Channels 06

Emerging Culture of Convergence 07

Metrics for 2020 08

Ethical Behavior, Brand Values, and
the Customer Experience 09

Conclusion 10


Featured Quote

Sonali Datta

MarTech Advisor

"Digital 2.0 is the next phase, where the plain and simple customer experience of old will make space for intuitive, contextual, and practical engagement across different customer touchpoints."

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