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Don't let lead generation get you stressed, automate it with GreenRope's new LeadFinder feature instead!

How to Use GreenRope to Identify Leads and Prospects on Your Website

Generating leads is one of the most important aspects of a thriving and profitable business. It can also be one of the most tedious. Finding leads can be expensive and require a lot of resources, especially when you don’t have a large budget or a big sales and marketing team. Not to mention, you could be missing out on the untapped potential of your website as a lead-generating strategy. 

It doesn’t have to be this complicated or stressful.

What if I told you that there was a way to identify new leads on your website that don’t exist in your CRM? What if you could get their email addresses, company information, or LinkedIn profile? That would make all the difference, right? 

You’re in luck. GreenRope can give you the data you need to identify and nurture the leads that visit your website through our LeadFinder tool. 

What is LeadFinder?

LeadFinder is a new product and service offered by GreenRope to help you identify contacts on your website - website-qualified leads. GreenRope offers both a B2B and B2C option depending on the type of information you would like to collect from your website visitors. 

Our B2C solution allows you to automatically add contacts to your CRM. Data collected includes first and last name as well as their personal email address. Once added to your CRM, you can trigger a follow-up workflow, email sequence, etc. 

Our B2B solution offers a comprehensive tool to help you gather in-depth data about your website visitors. 

B2B data includes: 

  • First and last name
  • Business email
  • Personal emails
  • Phone number
  • Job title
  • Company information
  • Pages visited
  • Time on your website
  • Entry and exit pages
  • Company social profiles
  • LinkedIn profile URL
  • Additional social media profiles
  • Birthdate
  • Home address
What is a website-qualified lead? 

A website-qualified lead is a lead that has visited your website. Unless a contact is already in your CRM, you don’t know how contacts and leads are navigating your website. Because of this, you are missing out on several leads that you could be actively nurturing. We call them website-qualified leads, instead of sales-qualified leads because they have visited your website, but have not explicitly requested more information about your product or service. 

These contacts are top of funnel leads. They typically require more nurturing to become a sales-qualified lead. 

What is the best way to nurture these leads? 

We always recommend you speak with a professional when it comes to your compliance requirements.

Here is what we require if you are going to utilize the LeadFinder product.

  • You must have a link to your Privacy Policy in the footer of every page on your website.
  • Your Privacy Policy must state that you gather data from website visitors, including the reading of cookies, and that that data may be stored and used by your business.
  • You must install a banner that informs the user that the use of your website implies an agreement to your privacy policy.
Best practices for contacting website-qualified leads: 

When contacting these new leads, it’s important to be conscientious about their stage in the buying cycle. You do not want to overwhelm them with marketing emails. Instead, here are a few tips for connecting and engaging with your website-qualified leads. 

  1. Send an introductory email. This email should introduce yourself, your company, and allow them to opt-in or opt-out of future communications.
  2. Personalize your emails. Instead of sending out a generic email, you can utilize different data sets to personalize your message. For example, if they visited a particular page on your website, you can send an email that pertains to the content on that page, or if they work in a specific industry, send them industry-specific content. As a GreenRope user, you can use dynamic content and merge rules to automatically insert content into your emails based on data collected and stored in the CRM record. 
  3. Do not over email these contacts. Remember, just because they agreed to your Privacy Policy, doesn’t mean they necessarily agreed to hear from you three times a week. Instead, send an introductory email, give them an opportunity to engage, and based on that engagement (or lack thereof) either send subsequent emails or add them to an unresponsive or cold leads group. From there, you can email them 1x per month/per quarter based on the relevancy of your email content. Sending too many emails to these contacts may trigger spam complaints, and you certainly don’t want that. 
  4. Create journeys to effectively communicate and engage with these new leads. A website-qualified lead is different from a sales-qualified lead (SQL). Unlike an SQL, they may not be ready to hear from someone in your company. A journey is a great way to automatically send emails, track engagement, and gauge where they are in your sales funnel. For example, send an email and if they open or click on the email, you can send them an additional email and/or trigger a follow-up from a salesperson. If they do not engage with the email, you can send them another email down the road or simply drop them in a cold leads group that you email less frequently. Journeys are a great way to learn more about these new leads and how ready they are to buy from you.
  5. Keep your emails short and to the point. Do not infringe on your lead’s day with a novel of an email. Be respectful of their time. Use short paragraphs and bullet points to convey information succinctly. 
  6. Create segments with Groups. Make use of GreenRope’s group architecture to create segmented groups for your new website-qualified leads. Another way to make sure you can identify them is by adding a tag or a campaign ID with a workflow. You will want to set up specific groups for these new leads. Then, you can trigger a workflow with a drip campaign when the contacts are added to a group or by selecting a workflow in the Workflow dropdown in the B2C LeadFinder section of your GreenRope account. 
  7. Retire unengaged contacts. We put contacts that have not engaged with our emails in an Unresponsive Leads group. This group gets an occasional newsletter but is exempt from receiving any additional marketing emails. 
  8. Test your process. Are your new website-qualified leads unsubscribing or marketing your emails as spam? Are they reading and clicking on your emails? Depending on how these leads are moving through your journey, adjust as needed. 

LeadFinder is an incredibly valuable tool to help you generate new leads and identify new segments and learn more about your leads and customers. If you’re a GreenRope user, LeadFinder is available as part of your subscription. Please note, additional fees apply. 


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