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10 Surprising things you didn’t know about Software Developer, Brandon Gaerlan

The newest member of our Development Team, Brandon graduated from San Jose State University last year and majored in Software Engineering. He is a semi-polyglot (say that five times fast), has an affinity for music, and spends time teaching himself about the latest must know tech. 

Here are a few surprising things you didn't about Software Developer, Brandon Gaerlan: 

1. Brandon enjoys spending free time playing the piano
2. His favorite food is Korean and Japanese food
3. He can speak 5 languages (fluent in 3) and is interested in learning more languages
4. He enjoys playing table tennis and jogging whenever he gets the chance
5. He can often be found mingling with computers
6. He loves to listen to piano and instrumental music. Jazz is also one of his favorite music genres
7. He has a somewhat healthy hobby of mechanical keyboards (r/mk)
8. He is a huge believer in the value of self-teaching
9. Just recently married :) (CONGRATULATIONS!)
10. He likes to drink fancy pour-over coffee and imports his matcha straight from Japan




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