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September 2020 System Updates

Every month we add new features and updates to the GreenRope system based on your feedback. 

Here are all the updates and new features we added in September: 

LMS Updates: 

Time Completed
Active modules now display chapters in the navigation bar on the left-hand side of your screen, empowering user navigability.  

Activity Time
Prevent students from rushing through your courses with an all new activity time tracker. You can now set an inactivity time for LMS courses. If a student doesn't or click or type for a predetermined number of minutes, a dialog box will pop up and stop the course timer. This way a student can’t merely keep their browser open while they do something else, and easily skip ahead.

The inactivity time can be set by going to Apps > Learning, selecting a course, and entering a number value next to ‘Timeout:’.

Shared Access Updates: 

Access to Contact Tools
GreenRope now offers even more control over shared access users’ ability to view and edit contacts! We’ve updated shared access permissions for the ‘Contacts Tools’ feature, so that only Power Users and users with ‘Contacts’ permissions can access them. This extra boost in security offers account owners greater control over their data.

New Shared Access Permissions for Limited Contacts
In addition to the ‘Limited Contacts’ permission, we’ve added five new shared access permissions so you can better gate users’ ability to access and edit contact information. They are ‘Add Contacts’, ‘Edit Contacts’, ‘View Survey Results’, ‘Add CRM’, and ‘Edit CRM’. These all work as add ons to ‘Limited Contacts’. You can check them out by going to Contacts > Shared Access.

Add Contacts: This gives the user the ability to add new contacts to the group.

Edit Contacts: This gives the user the ability to edit contact data.

Add CRM: This gives the user the ability to create CRM activities, workflows, and opportunities for contacts.

Edit CRM: This gives the user the ability to edit existing CRM activities, workflows, and opportunities for contacts.

View Survey Results: Gives the user the ability to view survey results for a contact.

Wiki Updates:

Order Wiki Topics
The way wiki topics display in the navigation bar are no longer limited by alphabetical order. You now have the option to order wiki topics however you want. With even more customizability options, you can build your account out to your exact specifications.

Just go to Apps > Wiki, and click ‘Order Wiki Topics’ in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

Invoice Updates:

Invoice Updates
You may have noticed, we’ve made some changes to the design of our invoices. You’ll notice that, when editing invoices, some functions now appear above the invoice. Also, recurring invoices can have a stop date, and new recurring invoices can activate a workflow. We hope these added features will help streamline and improve your use of this powerful tool!

Check them out by opening a contact recording, going to the CRM/ Activities tab, and selecting ‘New Quote/Invoice’.

Contact Updates:

Deals Closed
With the new spline overlay on the Opportunities chart you can now see the profits from closed deals. Hover over Contacts > Reports > Opportunities > and select the Deals Closed to see these details in addition to your won and lost deals.




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