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July 2020 System Updates

Every month we add new features and updates to the GreenRope system based on your feedback. 

Here are all the updates and new features we added in July: 

User Field Updates:

Ability to Email Other Data Fields

If a contact’s user field looks like an email address, an envelope icon with a mailto link will appear in that contact’s record, and will allow you to message them using that field’s address. 

Assets Updates:

More Images to Choose From

There are now 12 new stock images to choose from in the ‘Stock Icons and Images Folder’. 


Project Updates:

Assigning Copied Tasks

When creating a new project, if you copy tasks from an existing project, GreenRope will assign any tasks from the previous project manager to the new project manager.

Apps > Projects > + Create New Project > Project Manager:, Copy Tasks


Emailer Updates:

Test Send Subject Line

The ‘Send Test’ area now features a new checkbox to prepend the subject with ‘TEST:’.

Communicate > Emailer > 2. Test



EasyBuilder Updates:

Design Updates

We’ve added a bunch of new design options to the Email EasyBuilder! The EasyBuilder now features margin colors, a new section type for three image galleries, the ability to manipulate border color/thickness for each section, and support for background images. 

Section Customization

We now offer additional customization options for each individual section in the EasyBuilder. In the EasyBuilder editor, click the pencil icon to add padding, update margin and background colors, and add a border to any section!


Custom Objects Updates:

New ‘Edit HTML’ Button

When editing a contact or company's custom objects, for a textarea attribute, there's a new ‘Edit HTML’ button.

Learning Management Updates:


Students’ in progress and completed dialogs include an export functionality, if permission has been granted.

Show Questions Missed

If a student doesn't pass an LMS module, the student will be shown the questions they missed.


Account Settings Updates:

Enable Autosave

In Account Settings you can now enable autosave to hide the ‘Save Changes’ button on tabs where it doesn't apply; e.g., Shared Access, Integrations.


Journeys Updates:

More Options for Integers

Decisions now support "greater than" for integer user fields, and "after current date" for date user fields.


Workflow Updates:

Set Phase Path

Workflows, if activated within an opportunity, can also set phase path.


Wiki Updates:

Option To Alphabetically Order Topics

The Wiki app now features a new button to order wiki topics by drag-drop or alphabetical order.


Ranked Hierarchy

Public Wiki search results are now displayed in a ranked hierarchy on the right side of the page.




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