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As GreenRope’s Chief Operating Officer Bjorn is the oil that makes this fine machine run smoothly! He has a hand in every aspect of the business to make sure everything gets done and that it gets done efficiently while keeping our associates and clients happy. 


In addition to making GreenRope clients happy he strives to make the world happy, one fan at a time through music. That is exactly where you can find him when he isn’t working - jamming with his band, The Jackstones


Here are ten things you may not have known about Bjorn: 


1. He was born in the Netherlands and is of Frisian decent

2. Often found hiking and biking the Southern hills of California he is an unabashed lover of nature

3. He has been a devoted bassist since he was 18 years old.  

4. He is an unabashed superfan of Monty Python’s “Erik the Viking”.   

5. Has a love of books and photography

6. He lived in Portugal and Costa Rica as a child

7. He likes to bake (and eat) all things bread. 

8. Plays in a band

9. Baja, Mexico and desert aficionado

10. Before his career with GreenRope, he previously worked in the surf industry for 26 years.


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