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Written by: Claudia Martinez Monsanto


PieSync: A complete sync solution for your GreenRope customer data

PieSync and GreenRope joined forces for a synchronization solution between GreenRope and over 180 other business tools. PieSync allows you to sync customer data two-ways between applications. That means that whenever you have a new contact or data change in GreenRope, you’ll have it up-to-date in the other app. At the same time, if you have an update or added data in the other app, you'll have it available in GreenRope in real-time.

GreenRope is at the core of your business. But as your small business grows, you’ll have to add new tools to your software stack. To have a complete view of your customer data, you need your apps’ databases in sync. Integration is the only way to have all the information collected during a customer's journey available for all your teams. 

You already have some built-in integrations for GreenRope. Next to those, you have several third-party solutions. So what makes PieSync unique? Well, most in integration solutions only offer one-way pushes. This means that if you add something in one app, you’ll have it “pushed” into the other one. But with those solutions, your data is not completely in sync. When a contact’s information changes in the app that received the “push,” it won’t be up-to-date in the other application. Furthermore, historical data will rarely be in sync. Which means you might lose data or create duplicate contacts by accident.

PieSync solves those problems for you. During the first sync, it "scans" the databases of GreenRope and the connected app. It will then proceed to enrich both databases with information from the other app.


It also allows you to merge duplicate contacts in a controlled way. 

Later on, you’ll have your data synced between your apps in the background. You can empower your CRM with the data from other business tools, and vice versa. This is the end of manual import/export and duplicate contacts!   

Among the applications available for GreenRope you’ll find: 

- E-Commerce (Shopify, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, etc.) 

- Accounting and Billing apps (Xero, Freshbooks, etc.)

- Contact Repositories (Google Contacts, iCloud, etc.) 

- VoIP (Aircall, PhoneBurner, RingCentral, etc.)

PieSync adds new applications every week and if the one you need is not built yet, you can vote for it. PieSync's engineers will add it to their pipeline. 

Additionally, it’s very easy to set up a sync with PieSync. There is no coding or downloading.  Plus, you can use “If-this-then-that” filters to sync only certain subsets of contacts. With that, you can decide how your customer data flows between GreenRope and the other apps. 

Small and medium-sized businesses don’t have any time to waste. By creating a sync between different apps, they can automate processes and save time. In the previous example, a busy GreenRope customer uses the knowledge of his e-commerce tool to group his CRM contacts. All this happens automatically, without ever exporting/importing a CSV file. 

The best part? GreenRope users have $50 discount available right here! Try PieSync for free for 14 days and if you discover you can’t live without it, you’ll have those 50 dollars in credit.  



About the author:

Claudia Martinez Monsanto is a marketing and communications expert. Currently, she helps the PieSync marketing and communications team by creating valuable content, such as blogs, case studies, videos, and graphics. She is also a friendly voice for social media.

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