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CFO of GreenRope Nominated as Finalist for Most Admired CFO

Keith Richmond

GreenRope’s CFO, Keith Richmond, is nominated as a finalist in the esteemed San Diego Business Journal’s Most Admired CFO Awards.

Keith Richmond, the CFO of GreenRope, a leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation platform, is a finalist in San Diego’s CFO of the Year Awards.

This year the San Diego Business Journal hosts its eighth annual award ceremony, honoring San Diego’s most admired CFO’s, including GreenRope’s, Keith Richmond. As a crucial member of the GreenRope team, Keith has demonstrated his financial expertise in the fast-growing company since 2012. Keith’s strategic commitment to GreenRope has greatly contributed to the company’s 3x growth in the past twelve months.

“Keith is one of a kind. He has a vision for GreenRope,” says Director of Marketing, Alessandra Ceresa. “He is not only a great leader, but also a team player. The direction and growth of GreenRope is largely a result of Keith’s passion. Yes, he is a numbers guy, but without his energy and passion, I can guarantee that we would not be seeing the record results that we have achieved.”

Keith’s previous positions as Director of Finance and Business Operations Manager, allowed him to take on a leadership role in developing and implementing core business strategies at GreenRope. His consistent attention to performance and commitment to the growth of the GreenRope team, as a whole, demonstrates that he is more than just a CFO, but an admired CFO.

“I am honored and privileged to be selected in a group of such talented CFO’s in San Diego,” says Keith. “GreenRope’s growth is a result of a dedicated team that I am just lucky to be a part of.”

The special awards reception is scheduled for March 19, 2014 at Paradise Point Resort & Spa. 

We are so proud of Keith! 


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